Experience Brazilian Carnival with Escola de Samba Os Malandros!

Escola de Samba Os Malandros

Os Malandros has been a hit on festivals, company parties and events since 1974. The combination of a sambaband (bateria) with dancers (pasistas) makes us quite unique. With the exciting rhythms and sensual dancers in beautiful costumes you quickly imagine yourself in the tropical atmosphere of Brazilian carnival. 
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Every year Os Malandros organises the exhuberant ‘Festa do Samba’ in downtown Eindhoven. Festa do Samba has grown to be well-known phenomenon in which tens of baterias from all over the country participate.
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Bateria (band)

Os Malandros offers a surprising mix of different Brazilian music styles such as: Frevo, Baiao, Afro, Samba, Maracatu and Xaxado. Our repertoire is the most diverse in the entire country!
Naturally we use traditional Brazilian percussion instruments, at times complimented by a trumpet or even a didgeridoo. This gives a very special effect!

Pasistas (dansers)

Dance is an inextricable part of Brazilian culture.
The gorgeous professional dancers of Os Malandros are good for a colourful

show that is a delight for the eye. Sensual hip movements and acrobatic steps

are combined at a fast pace, with stunning Brazilian costumes

completing the picture.

Would you like to be a part or our smashing band or do you have a passion

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Dancers wanted!

Os Malandros is looking for new dancers. Send a mail to sambadansen@osmalandros.nl.


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